After 10 years of educating and experiencing design in New York and Milan, Eggarat finally settled in Thailand to discover the origin of Thai design root. Through out the whole 20 years of experiencing both theoretical design education and realistic practice, Eggarat have settled with his own design atelier in 2002. He established a furniture brand product called “Crafactor” and start exporting furniture
and home accessories that express Thai design attitude to global market.

With Eggarat’s design direction to infuse the local wisdom of South East Asian crafts together with modern massive technology, the design products has gained himself reputation among international buyers and
as a result, the company has received many local and international design awards due to its originality in design.

Eggarat has been contributing his own design experiences to many local and international design activities including the Gwangju Design Biennale exhibition in Korea and the Slow hand design exhibition for
the Department of International Trade Promotion of Thailand’s government at Superstudiopiu, Milan,
Italy to promote Thai designer’s showcases at global scope.