Sylvia Sylvia Sylvia Reflection Sylvia Reflection Sylvia Reflection Sylvia Reflection

Sylvia Crystel

Inspiration &Design concept

Sylvia chair intends to avoid the banality of a typical lay-out planning of a standard living room whereas a sofa always put against the wall together with a painting right above. Therefore, the design concept attempts to combine the visual aspect of painting arts with functional aspect of a sofa. When a person sits on the square frame seating, the elastic seating will be stretched out according to the user’s bodyline and weight, meanwhile, an optic art will be performed by the red plastic buttons on the backside. The reflection of the buttock that interacts with the graphic optical illusion will appear underneath the chair’s seat where a mirror is installed.

Production & Technology

With a sturdy squared steel frame, the wicker elastic bands are interweaved and locked tightly with many red plastic buttons in order to absorb weight and body tension of the sitter. The elastic structure is covered with two layers of spandex fabric in order to help absorbing weight and allow sitter to let loose with the torso tension when sitting on it.

85 x 85 x 86