Singing Melody
Singing Melody Singing Melody Singing Melody

Singing Melody

Inspiration &Design concept

Thai temples have drawn impression to many foreign visitors who have visited Thailand with its ornate and expressive impact of the architecture. But not only the architecture itself that is impressive, but the beautiful melody chimes that are hung around the 4 edges of the roof top is also one of
the architectural element that pleases the hearing of the encounter as well. From the inspiration of sensing by hearing, little brass chimes are installed inside the ottoman “Singing Melody” where its roundly base allow users to rock along with the sound of chimes.

Production & Technology

The structure of the ottoman is produced from fiberglass molding process. Water Hyacinth is used as an expression of its skin application. The pattern on the ottoman’s surface is developed from the Mudmee tie-dye (Ikat) technique which is the local wisdom of Thailand’s North-East silk production.
The water hyacinth application pattern comes in two different choices; either in straight line or circular line coiling.

62 x 62 x 34