Oshi-e Oshi-e Oshi-e Oshi-e


Inspiration &Design concept

Looking back to the 16th Century in the Edo era, Crafactor has revived the Japanese fabric collage technique called ‘Oshi-e’, which is often seen in wall pictures and on Hagoita,
an elaborated paddle board, as today we can see a range of decorative items for domestic and religious decor. The Oshi-e chair unfolds this ancient technique, by applying a fiberglass structure derived from the constructive Chinese paper folding technique, Gong Tek, which is generally used for religious purposes in most Chinese communities throughout Asia.

Production & Technology

The material pays tribute to the oriental sensation, as the assorted fabric and gold-tanned leather are delicately upholstered over the entire surface. A gold-tanned leather and selected various fabrics are cut into pieces by hand and are smoothly applied to thick board in order to obtain the diverse patterns of a collage plane. The seat is arrayed an in octagonal geometric form.

128 x 85 x 82