Inspiration &Design concept

When feeling weary and exhausted, laying down in Massu chaiselounge can ease up stress and muscle tension just like having a masseuse at home! Inspired by the local wisdom of Thai massage. Massu has many square beads on the seating part that can be softly compressed when the users lay his/her body weight on. The beads will massage the back muscle according to the compression and blood will be circulated in the body. Then, tension will be eased up and the user will be relaxed and put to sleep comfortably ring after.

Production & Technology

The whole structure of Massy chaiselounge is made from wood and covered with genuine cowhide leather. Square wood beads are cut into little pieces and again covered with leather to perform an acupuncture massage function before lying over a spongy latex maltress.

70 x 150 x 105