Inspiration &Design concept

Lulu is practically designed to be an easy lounger or a bed rather than a sofa. After exhausting from a long and stressful day, this lounger sofa will allow you to plunge your whole tired body on its soft and spongy cushion where you can relax and ease your mind.

Production & Technology

Lulu is a production of wood, fabric and soft polyurethane sponge. The sofa frame is made of wood and upholstered with fabric to hold up the soft mattress that was made from polyurethane sponge. Fabric can be upholstered according to your own choices of color. So does the resin mosaic tiles that decorate the whole edges of the sofa frame.

Lulu Sofa
100 x 225 x 100

Lulu Stool
95 x 95 x 40