Inspiration &Design concept

In praise of nature, this chair pays homage to the legendary Spanish architect, Antonio Gaudi, whose his marvelous designs derived from the study of nature’s organic engineering. With the same design ethos, Gaudi chair conceptualized the relationship between the inner structural membrane of a tree’s leaf and its outer organic edge line. The binary relation of those two substances always relies on each other to sustain the growth of the leaves and the entire tree. Metaphorically, without the tension relationship of the inner structural string lines and the outer metal frame, the chair would not be able to reinforce itself, especially when body weight is put on.

Production & Technology

Guadi Chair celebrates the relationship of those two components; polyurethane elastic strings and a metal chair frame. By interweaving the inner structure with elastic strings from two different ends, the chair’s metal frame is reinforced with tension. When the body weight is put on the seat, enhancing the tension force, the chair becomes more stable.

78 x 89 x 92