Dancing Belly
Dancing Belly Silver Dancing Belly Dancing Belly

Dancing Belly

Inspiration &Design concept

Dancing belly is a playful and interactive chaise lounge that draws the attention of the user by giving a quiz on how to sit on. Dancing Belly is an entertaining chair where kids will enjoy sitting inside the lower seat while playing with the ball above and adults will relax comfortably on the spring back seat. The flexible spring wires inside the upper seat resist with the body weight, therefore, the flexible seat will be individually adjusted according to each individual torso. The ball and the inner cushion are ergonomically designed to support the back and the buttocks.

Production & Technology

The inner structure is constructed by metal spring wires that attach to the rough polished stainless steel chair base. The top spongy seating, the inner ball and the cushion are all polyurethane upholstered then covered with elastic vinyl.

70 x 118 x 94