Chakra Chakra Chakra


The Inner Power

Inspiration &Design concept

Chakra is a Sanskrit term meaning circle or wheel. There is a wide literature on chakra models, philosophy, and lore that underpin many philosophical systems and spiritual energy practices, religious observance, and personal discipline. Theories on chakras fit within systems that link the human body and mind into a single unit, sometimes called the 'bodymind' (Sanskrit: namarupa). The philosophical theories and models of chakras as centers of energy were first codified in Ancient India.

The hidden power of Chakra may be called in many different words, for Chinese it is called “Xi” but for Hindu, they call it “Prana”. Chakra is a power of all creatures and the origins of Chakra derive from different sources. Each original source of Chakra controls different organic mechanism. One who practices to take control over the dynamic circulation of Chakra will obtain a hidden energy that is useful for health and mental.

The design idea of Chakra chair bases on the fusion of the two main ideas; the Oriental mind power practice of bringing about the inner power of body and mind and the Chinese medical practice of Jadeite stone healing.

Production & Technology

The structure of Chakra chair is made from the finest Australian silicon bronze. Thanks to the high craftsmanship skill of the craft masters who’ve spent the least of 1,300 hours to finish up the whole casting process, starting from bronze casting, welding, hand-buffing and polishing.

After the surface is refined, Burmese Jadeite stones were in-laid at the areas where the Chakras can be provoked. By reclining on the chair, the inner “Chakra” energy will be enhanced via the Jadeite stones. The mind will be eased while physical tension will be released.

90 x 140 x 97