Bouncy Tangy
Bouncy Tangy Set Bouncy Tangy Set

Bouncy Tangy

Inspiration &Design concept

Inspired by the abstract lines of a tangerine fruit and the form of an ancient Ban Chiang era utensil, the marriage of two concepts with a bit twist of Asian contemporary sensation has inspired this bouncing chair seating.

Production & Technology

The chair structure was created from the outlining of the folds that reside inside a spherical tangerine fruit. When many curving outlines are constructed from the core center of
a tangerine’s spherical form, it attracts one’s eyes to the curvy lines and forms within the space. The beautiful spherical structure is testament to cherish the traditional wicker technology of South-East Asian craftsmanship. Circular spring wires are covered with recyclable polyurethane straws and weaved in together to create the round shape body.
The metaphoric interaction between user and seating emerges when spring-wired based bouncing imitates the elastic characteristic of the tangerine’s pulp.
The chair’s core expresses intrinsic Asian roots; the chair’s base is constructed by local wicker technology of South-East Asia. The upholstered seat on the top attractively invites everyone to fall in while offering an ergonomic function to
the user. The inner structure is reinforced with fiberglass.
By plugging the seat’s core into the hole of the lower spring-wired base, the two separated compartments perform
a complete seating function for rockers and swingers.

92 x 92 x 78